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The Sights and Sounds of Olivia

The Screen captures below are from the FLDigi digital program which has an excellent waterfall display.  In some of the other digital programs that run Olivia mode the visual difference in various Olivia configurations may be harder to see.  The sound clips below are about 1 minute long and recorded directly off the air via my Yaesu FT-100D and clone computer.


This is a screen capture of a 500/16 Olivia signal (500hz wide - 16 tones)  - Notice that it is fairly well defined and looks like little puffs of cotton layered against each other with gaps and holes where the waterfall color is showing through.

Click here to hear how Olivia 500/16 sounds.  This clip starts out with a little band noise for a few seconds until the beginning (Sync tones) of olivia start up. The Sync tones typically start and end all Olivia transmissions BUT this clip is edited and you only hear the starting Sync tones. Notice that after the Sync tones the sound of Olivia is a bit musical sounding in nature with all the 16 distinct tones.  (speed about 20wpm)



This is a screen capture of a 500/8 Olivia signal (500hz wide - 8 tones)  - Notice the signal is less defined and has LESS gaps and LESS color from the waterfall showing through.

Click here to hear how Olivia 500/8 sounds.  On this clip you will hear 2 stations on Olivia.  In the middle of the clip you will hear the ending Sync tones of the station who stops transmitting to turn it back to the other station.  Then you will hear the beginning Sync tones of the other station and part of his transmission.  Since this has half the tones of 500/16 it is NOT as musical sounding and is a little more intense and jumbled.  (speed about 30wpm)



This is a screen capture of a 500/4 Olivia signal (500hz wide - 4 tones)  - Notice that this signal is NOT defined like the little puffs of cotton in 500/16 are - instead it is filled in fairly solid with a lot less color from the waterfall showing through.

Click here to hear how Olivia 500/4 sounds.  This clip is a little weak at the beginning but gets stronger at the second half.  It is even less musical sounding and more intense since it has half the tones of 500/8 and 1/4 the tones of 500/16.  (speed about 40wpm) 




This page is still under construction with more to come ...


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