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Olivia web pages :

HF Communications Olivia web page -

Olivia Wikipedia information page -

MultiPSK Olivia page -

ARRL Olivia specifications page -


Olivia and related Yahoo Groups:

The official Olivia yahoo group -

FLDigi support group -

Ham Radio Deluxe and DM780 suport -

MultiPSK support group -

MixW support group -

Western Pennsylvania NBEMS group yahoo group -


K3UK sked page

At the K3UK Sked web page you can connect to and arrange skeds and chat live with other digital mode enthusiasts.  After entering in your info, select the "digitalradio" page and you will be all set.  Aside from Olivia , there are users that also look for skeds using ALE, WINMOR, and other modes. There is also a LOTW sked page there for those pursuing DXCC, WAS and LOTW Triple Play awards.  The K3UK sked page is at :


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